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Project Description

Glass Piles Turntable

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of Turn Table to handle Glass piles

System: Motorised castor wheel drives the turn table by 360 deg , Centrally supported by a robust bearing arrangement.

Application: Turn table for easy transfer of Glass Piles from Crane to the Fork Lift for Truck Loading

Load Capacity: 6 Tons

Container lift

Scope: Design & Manufacture of Lift

System Description: The lift has a ball screw arangement which gives the vertical motion & the swing arrangement is directly motorized to achieve 180 Deg for container transfer weighing around 100 kgs

Application:Transfer of toxic powder from floor level to the height of 4 M at different plane to feed the machine.

Design & Supply of Storage Silo

Scope: Complete Design, Manufacturing & Supply of Silo & Structure 3D Engineering of Feeder conveyor

V Blocks

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of V Blocks for Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly & Transfer Line

Application: Used for handling Hydraulic cylinder

Gravity flow Roller Coveyor

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of Gravity Type Infeed conveyor

Application: Product indexing to assist single component picking.

Depanning Machine

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of Depanning Machine

System: 3 Conveyors driven by a common drive, that has SS conveyor and vacuum suction conveyors.

Application: Segregation of baked bread from mould, using vacuum suction conveyor.

Pneumatic lifter

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of Pneumatic Lifter for Spare Tyre Handling

Application: For spare tyre decking with provision for tilting the tyre holder.

Engine decking hydraulic scissor lift

System: Hydraulic scissor lift with a ball table top, mounted on a trolley with a common fixture to accomadate 6 engine variants.

Scope: Design, Manufacture, Supply, Supervision of Engine Decking System & Axle.

Bucket Elevator

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of 32 Meter tall Bucket Elevator for graphite handling

Slat chain conveyor

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of MS Slat Chain Conveyor

Screw Coveyor

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Supply of Screw Conveyor for Graphite handling

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